Hey frazzled mom (yes YOU)!

I’m Courtney, professionally-trained chef with a heaping helping of nutritional whiz. I’m your new secret weapon and BFF for helping you get - and keep - your healthy lifestyle on track with super nutritious meals that don’t take hours in the kitchen or signing over your firstborn to buy the ingredients.

JOIN MY CREW - you’ll like it in here...promise!

Are you sick of:

  • Fad diets and quick fixes that offer big promises with little results?
  • Picky eaters and lengthy grocery lists (filled with things you can’t even pronounce, never mind find)?
  • Feeding your family processed, junky, yet oh-so-convenient foods that you know deep down aren’t healthy, but the lure of getting food on the table FAST is too great to resist?
  • Costly, time-consuming, convoluted recipes that leave you feeling like you’ve just blown the month’s grocery budget...and spent an entire DAY in the kitchen?
  • The twisted idea that green smoothies are the answer to all your problems?

I know you’re a super mom

Heck, probably even a superwoman - but you’re SO tired of the yo-yo dieting bandwagon...counting calories...2 p.m. cupcake binges...and telling yourself you’ll start over again. Tomorrow.

But trying to eat healthy seems to take SO MUCH TIME - the planning, the prep, the cooking.

I know exactly how you feel. And I’m here to tell you that eating healthy doesn’t have to be so hard.

If you just gave a loud “WHOOP!”, cried a little, or thought, “yeah, right”, then there’s only one thing left for you to do: JOIN ME.


→ living a healthy lifestyle and eating well to fuel your body doesn’t have to mean
hours or days spent slogging it out between the grocery aisles and the kitchen
→ quick, nutritious snacks should be more than a stick celery with almond butter (*gag*)
→ sometimes you need support and a place to hang out, let your hair down, or vent a little...while taking even more in

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